About Us

Chef George has dedicated 40 years to the culinary arts, working as a chef in fine dining establishments across New York, New Jersey, and Florida, and serving as an Executive Chef in corporate and educational dining facilities throughout Florida. He has also honorably served as a Chef in the US Navy.

His foray into barbecue sauce creation began years ago when the family ran out of store-bought options. Chef George’s homemade sauces became popular gifts among friends and family during holidays. After being introduced to Ghost Peppers, Chef George began cultivating his own and eventually infused them into his barbecue sauce, which was met with such enthusiasm that the family was inspired to commercialize it. They perfected the recipe at home, initially bottling it in mason jars in a shared kitchen to sell at local farmers' markets in Florida. The sauce gained popularity, leading to a partnership with a co-packer in the Orlando area.

The product line started with Mildly Spiced Honey Barbecue Sauce and Ghost Pepper Honey Barbecue Sauce, both acclaimed for their complex flavor profiles and perfect balance of sweetness and spice. The Ghost Pepper sauce offers a fun heat that peaks without overwhelming, making it a versatile choice for ribs, chicken wings, and even barbecue pizza.

As demand grew, Chef George created two additional sauces: the distinctive 3 Mustard Tier Barbecue sauce and the Balsamic Fusion Grilling and Marinade Sauce, both developed from customer feedback.

DAGGZ represents decades of culinary expertise captured in a bottle. We invite you to try our gourmet barbecue sauces and elevate your grilling experience.

All products are Gluten-Free!  No high fructose corn syrup!